Tara Sosa grew up in New Jersey, went to a few of its colleges, and earned her degree and teaching credentials along the way.

She spends most of her day writing (currently writing Jax & Sky’s story, Winter) – and if she’s not writing, she’s reading! From a very early age she knew she was in love with books and always would be, and though she tries to get everyone to love them too, she is constantly disappointed to find out that not everyone does!

She absolutely loves her family, including her husband and FIVE babies (YES FIVE) – of the four-legged variety. One day soon she hopes to add the two-legged kind to her total, where she hopes at least one has the good sense to love reading as much as she does!

Her debut novel Unexpected Beauty was released out into the universe in June of 2015, and now she is concluding her series with book four, Unexpected Beauty, (to go along with books two and three, Chaotic Beauty and Changed Beauty) on October 17, 2017.