Unexpected Beauty Cover

UNEXPECTED BEAUTY (Beauty Series Book 1)


From the moment Liam Sullivan locked eyes with Samantha Brennan he knew that he wanted her. He knew that he would have her – after all, he has yet to meet a woman who could resist his boyish charm, his good looks, his cocky attitude, or his money. After their first conversation he knew he was in trouble and things were about to change. He didn’t want her for just a night. He wanted her to be his. He knew that she was the one. He just had to convince her and make her see that she was it. She was his always. He needed to make her understand and accept that he was her forever.

Samantha Brennan didn’t want baby-blues, tattoos, dimples, muscles, and a cocky attitude in her life. She had something like that once before and she was left shattered, broken, and alone. She picked up the pieces and moved on, and she was more than happy with her life as it was. It was her definition of perfect.

She didn’t need or want Liam. She wanted to be left alone, but he just wouldn’t give up. The more she wanted him to go away, the more layers she discovered. The more she wanted to distance herself, the more intriguing he became. The more she wanted to be his friend, the more attractive and determined he was. The more she wanted something more with him, the more he challenged her to take a chance.

When she finally accepts what’s happening between them the unexpected happens … and changes everything.

What happens when her past comes crashing into the present, or when the present attacks and damages the future? Will his love for her be enough? Will love even matter? Or will everything that matters be destroyed?






CHAOTIC BEAUTY (Beauty Series Book 2)

“I messed up so much in the past. At least I knew it, and owned it. Now it was time for me to fix it …”

Connor Brennan knew from the moment he first met Riley Sullivan that he wanted her and that he would have her. It wasn’t the first moment he laid eyes on her that he knew. It was the first time she spoke and put him in his place. He didn’t believe in one woman, love always, or together forever until the moment he met her and she changed everything. He thought that she was the one. He thought he was falling for her and that they were happy. But then the unexpected happened and she left him. He tried to move on from her. He tried to forget her. He went back to his wicked ways and old habits. He fooled himself into believing she was almost out of his system, and his life. Then she came back and all bets were off. He knew he wanted her again right from the moment she walked through the door. He knew he would stop at nothing to have her back in his life, and in his bed. He knew it was only a matter of time before she was his for good. But he was wrong. Because she was different. Her warm summer blue eyes were now as cold as steel. Her attitude that once screamed confident, carefree, and loving, was now shutdown, evasive, and distant. Where there was once laughter, fun, love, and the future, now there’s nothing but hurt, pain, misunderstandings, and destruction. He wanted to fix them more than anything, but all she brought back with her was lies, another man, and chaos.

Riley Sullivan believed in the one, true love, and happily-ever-after, she just didn’t think she’d ever find it. She definitely didn’t think she’d find it in the cocky, overbearing, hotheaded, obnoxious, annoyingly handsome, driven, and intelligent thorn in her brother’s side. But she did. She thought Connor Brennan was the one. She thought she met her match. She thought she had found her equal. She thought that they had the promise of a future together. She thought they might be forever. Without a doubt she knew that she was falling hard and falling fast. Then the unexpected happened, and they both said and did things that she couldn’t get past and that sent her running. But that wasn’t the end of it. Because she is still paying for what she did. In the worst possible ways.

What sent her running is nothing compared to what brings her back…

And when she comes back through the door and into Connor’s life again, she’s not alone, and she’s not prepared.

Riley’s not the same girl she was when she left. Everyone can see it. Everyone wants to know what’s wrong with her … but she can’t tell. The only person she wants to lean on is the very last person she wants to know her secrets. The person she wants more than anything is the person she pushes away the most. The one she realizes she loves more than anything is also the one she hurts over and over again.

What happens when she pushes him too far and hurts him too much?

Connor knows that he wants Riley more than anything. But she’s leaning on someone else. She trusts someone else. She wants someone else. What’s he supposed to do when she only tells him lies? When she hides and evades? When she runs to another? When she changes even more?

Cut his losses? Shatter his own heart? Lose his soul? Or jump into the chaos and accept everything that’s changed … even if by doing so he shatters and loses himself and her once and for all?

Will she finally trust him enough to tell him everything, even though by doing so she may lose him forever? Will she continue to protect him from the threats, the violence, the pain and destruction? Or will she bring him into the chaos and danger with her? And if she does – will he fight with her, for her, for them? Will they realize in enough time that together they just might escape the chaos and survive?

Or will everything be realized too late, and everything they love and value the most – including their lives – be destroyed?



Changed Beauty (Beauty Series Book 3)


She was beautiful. Living in a nightmare. Surrounded by disaster. Setting herself up for destruction …

Allie James knew what she was doing. She was surviving. She was sacrificing. She was barely living. She knew what she wanted out of life, what she needed, what she deserved. She deserved love, happiness, respect, security, stability, peace, freedom, and hope. She knew that she deserved a future that wasn’t riddled with alcohol, drugs, cheap sex, criminals, lies, chaos, abuse, and heartbreak. She had plans. She just needed to survive, and eventually she would get what she wanted – she would get her normal.

And then her plans changed. She met him. And she wanted everything with him. Now. She let herself give into her need, her fantasies, she let herself hope and believe. She wanted Aiden Masters. She saw a future with him. But Aiden Masters didn’t want her. He crushed her. He broke her. He destroyed the little pieces of her that were barely holding her together in the first place. He found her lacking, less than, tainted, unworthy. He pushed her away. He ruined her self-confidence. He broke her heart. He hated her. Or so she thought.

It’s not what I wanted from her. It’s what I wanted for her. And the differences between those two words were enough to keep me away from her. It was enough for me to destroy her, and myself. I knew what she needed. More than she knew what she wanted. I changed everything between us, for us, over and over. And my ultimate change might just end up being the worst of all …

Aiden Masters wanted one thing in his life – normal. He had too much of everything else. Betrayal, lies, heartbreak. Broken bones, shattered dreams, fear, and pain. He’s living a nightmare that won’t go away, but he’s pulled himself out of a life of abuse and torture and made something of himself anyway. He’s a provider, a protector, a fighter, and now more than anything he just wants his own happily-ever-after. He knows what he’s looking for, and it’s not Allie James. It shouldn’t be her. But it is. She’s everything he’s not looking for – she’s a reminder of a past he wants to keep buried, a past he clawed his way out of, a past he sacrificed for, a past he nearly died for, a past he bent, broke, and bled for. He’s moved on. And yet he hasn’t. Because he wants Allie and he knows what that means for her and for him. He’s tried distancing himself, he’s tried being mean, he’s tried pushing her away, he’s crushed her, but it’s still there between them. The burning. The fire. The want. The need. The passion. The connection. The love.

He needed her to stay away, he knew he couldn’t be the one for her, but he also wanted her to have a voice. He wanted her to have everything in life she’s ever wanted. She’d taken every bad thing and asked for nothing good in return. All she got was the bad, the horrible, the unmentionable. Same as him. He didn’t want her hurt and silenced again, but he wasn’t the option for her no matter what they both felt. Because he knew things were about to get ugly again. Things were about to get evil. Things were definitely going to go wrong. But he saw her with someone else. Someone who wasn’t him. And things changed. And they kept on changing. All his plans? Gone. All his thoughts of what was best? Destroyed. Aiden changed. And because of it so did Allie. But all changes weren’t good. Especially when their pasts, their presents, their individual futures, collide.

 When they start out with so much against them, at times even themselves, will the very last change end up being beautiful? Or will that change be catastrophic, deadly, an end-all for everyone and everything?


UNBREAKABLE BEAUTY (Beauty Series Book 4)

First date.
First kiss.
Make out.
Make love.
Have wild, uninhibited, crazy sex.
Find someone to love me back.

When I first read Elizabeth Masters’ list, I was excited. And then I was furious. She created a list of “firsts.” Firsts that should have been mine. Firsts she was now going to give to someone else. Because when she offered me her firsts I said I didn’t want them. But that was a lie. It was one of many I told her. Because I wanted her and her firsts more than anything. Someone to love her back? She already had that. First kiss? That was me. She can’t erase anything that happened between us no matter how hard she tries to forget. And I know that from experience. Because I’ve never been able to forget what we had, what we shared. I couldn’t stop thinking about what could have been if I pulled her close and not pushed her away. And now she wants to move on with someone else? It wasn’t going to happen. What we have is real. Unbreakable. And I’m not messing up again. No more lies. No more hiding. I know she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Just like I know she’s mine. And so are her firsts. Her firsts, her lasts, her in-betweens, her love, her forever. It’s mine. She just needed to let me back in. She needed to give me another chance. And if she didn’t want to? I’d make her. Because I was never losing her again.

Ryan Flannery broke my heart. Or what was left of the frayed and fragile pieces I had to give. I let him in. I let him close. I gave him everything. I thought he loved me. I laid myself bare, I stripped myself raw. I chased a fantasy, and I got burned. But he did do one thing for me. He gave me something. An idea. According to him I was too young, too inexperienced. And he was right. I needed to change that. So what if he was my first love? He didn’t have to be my only. It was time for me to spread my wings. Explore. It was time for me to live. Ryan might have been the one I wanted to give my firsts to. And my lasts. And everything in-between. But it’s not happening. I’ve been hurt enough. Lied to enough. Betrayed enough. It was time I started to think about me. He thinks that I can just forget what he’s done? That he lied? That he made a mistake? He thinks we’re unbreakable? He thinks that it’s me and him? Always? Forever? He thinks I’m going to give him another chance at that? Another chance at me?

It. Will. Never. Happen.

Until it does.

Everyone remembers their first. Except Ryan Flannery. But that’s okay. Because all he needs to remember is his last.

His last … Her first.