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Today is the first official day of Fall … and I am finally done with Spring! How’s that for 2020?

Fitting. It’s absolutely fitting!

I can honestly say I wasn’t sure that I’d finish writing¬†Spring in time to get it published this year … but I did it! I wanted to believe, I hoped … but with the way these months and weeks have been going … I knew better than to put any more promises out into the universe, or to even make them to myself. But here we are!

Jenks and Livvie’s book is DONE … besides edits, edits, and MORE edits.

You know … the funnnnnnnnn stuff! (Pray for me, knock on wood, mentally cross fingers – whatever you believe in and choose to do! I do ALLLLLL of the above!)


That’s it from me for now – shocking I know. I tend to go on and on and on and on. But not this time. I have to get editing!

I just wanted you to all know that Spring is done – I am IN LOVE with Matt and Liv’s story … and Reed and Em and the rest – INCLUDING some of the couples from the Beauty Series that pop up here and there (I mean … it’s a spinoff with connected characters – they were bound to show up!!)

I hope you’re all safe and healthy and finding silver linings in this unbelievable 2020.

I personally can’t wait for 2021 … (Reed and Emma … more Knox and Rina … and a few more surprises along the way!)

But FIRST edits … so yeah … I need to get back!

Until next time – HAPPY READING!