New Year … New Book

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope everyone is well and taking some time to enjoy what they love doing the most during this time of year! I’ve been decorating, and decorating, and doing even more decorating … and buying, wrapping … celebrating Christmas with family and friends … and I’ve been reading and writing! (I am currently starting to read book #102 for the year!)

I am enjoying these last few days of 2016 (and my birthday today) … but let me tell you … I am so ready to say goodbye to 2016! Emotionally, for many different reasons, this year has been the hardest. I am more than ready to put it behind me. But that doesn’t mean that good things didn’t happen too. My husband and I spent our first full year in our first home, I wrote my third book, I started writing and planning out my final book of the series, we added another cat to our little fur-family … there really has been some good mixed with the bad.

It just seems that this year the bad overshadowed everything else and it really took its toll. After releasing Changed Beauty I intended on getting right into the final book of the series – my goal was to almost be done by now – if it wasn’t already complete. And yet … after editing what I have … I have maybe a solid chapter that I don’t plan on changing …

I do have a lot of notes, a lot of scenes with plenty of dialogue between characters, I have what I view to be an amazing epilogue … I know how I plan to have the ending … I have a basic outline from Chapter One until the big finish … But so far I haven’t had the motivation. I am hoping that a new year brings a new attitude because I really, really, REALLY need to get down to business with Ryan and Elizabeth!

So with that being said … the release date for Ryan and Elizabeth … It is TBD.  I have no idea. And it actually makes my heart hurt to say that, as an author, and as an avid reader who has had to wait, and wait, and wait for a book to be written and released by someone else. In the past I’ve often wondered why books take forever to be released – I’ve often said “why can’t I have the next book now?” I’ve often wondered what the hell is so important that so-and-so can’t just sit down, write the story, and get it out there. Wow … I sure do hate that old me. Because that “old me” is still putting pressure on the “me” now.  I know what it’s like to want a book. I know what it’s like to want to have a complete ending for a series of books. A series that has been going on for years. So I want to not be that person … and I am that person now. All I can say is … life happens. I can’t control most of it – I WISH I could. If I could, this book would be done, I’d be moving on to the next book idea I’ve had circling in my brain for well over a year … I’d probably be a lot happier and under a lot less pressure … but well … LIFE! It’s unexpected, it’s chaotic, and sometimes some serious shit has to be dealt with before the change (and all the good and the happy) comes and all that … (you like what I did there?)

Well … I am hoping my own personal change is coming soon … I need some awesome … or hell … I need some normal!

But I am going to think positively … So I am going to say 2017 will give ME and YOU Ryan and Elizabeth’s story and the conclusion to all things Sam and Liam, Connor and Riley, and Allie and Aiden. And that not only will the book be fun, and awesome, and just happy and mostly carefree – so will 2017! How about that?!?!?!? (fingers crossed) (knocking on wood) (wishing) (praying)

I will definitely keep you posted a lot more in 2017!

And here is to hoping that you see Ryan and Elizabeth out in the world sooner that you might think!

I wish you all nothing but the BEST upcoming year full of all that you could ever want and dream!

Love You ALL!