Happy Holidays … Book Three Delays (Maybe) … & some personal chaos!

Happy Holidays everyone! For those of you that do not know me personally, you should know that Christmas is my favorite time of year! I wait for Christmas all year long. I count the days! I wait impatiently for the moment when it’s acceptable to put up the Christmas tree, (acceptable by my standards that is … which is a bit before Thanksgiving, but to each their own) to decorate outside, to set up my Christmas village, to blast Christmas music, to bring out the awesome collection of holiday coffee mugs that I have, to put out my growing Nutcracker collection … you get the picture.  This year however we moved into our new house (our FIRST house) December 1st. That meant no decorations until after the move. Until after the unpacking. Until after everything was out of the way and where it should be. It meant weeks of not having the Christmas tree up, the village all set, the Nutcrackers out, the decorations in every room up … It meant I was weeks behind on everything.


I do have the house of my dreams – right by the water with water views from almost every single window, especially my writing room … and yes there is a special room where I can now write, I have custom-built floor to ceiling bookshelves, I have pretty much everything I had ever hoped for … so I really can’t (shouldn’t) complain.


It has been a lot of hard work though getting everything settled. And during the holidays. And when my second book only came out days before the move. I’ve been slacking on promoting my book. I have been severely behind on the reading list I compiled for myself while writing books 1 & 2 that I planned on getting to the whole month of December, I have been awful at keeping everyone informed on what’s been going on in the world of Liam and Sam, Connor and Riley, Aiden, Elizabeth, Allie and Ryan … me.

I have yet to find a balance in regards to the personal and the professional. I am trying. But I haven’t quite figured it all out yet!

That’s mainly why I am writing this … besides to wish you all a happy holidays.


I started book three as most of you know if you follow me on Twitter, or if you read book 2 and saw the sneak peek.  I wrote a bit more of the book that what you were able to preview. I also wrote quite a few scenes for the middle and the end … and I also wrote a bit for book four because some of book three correlates strongly to book 4… but book 3 is still pretty much in development. I had hoped to start early January with the release being late Spring. And I am still hoping for a release of late Spring … BUT I do not know if I am starting book three in early January. I think I need more of a mental break that I have had. I haven’t had time to really breathe yet since this move, and I haven’t even really had time to process that book two is complete and out in the world.

Connor and Riley are actually out in the world!!!

Plus, I really don’t know Aiden’s full story yet …

I knew Sam’s journey, and even Liam’s with her.

I also knew Riley’s journey, and Connor’s journey rather quickly. I knew where they were heading.

I know bits and pieces of Aiden … I know his major problems. I know his feelings … but I don’t know enough yet. I don’t have an outline. And I am someone who needs a coherent outline.

And I am not rushing it just to keep on a schedule.

Aiden deserves more than that … and so do you!!!!!

I will start in January. At some point. Once I re-read over every page I already wrote, every scribble I wrote hastily while writing books 1 & 2 … and who knows maybe after re-reading it will happen like the first two books where it takes off and then in a few weeks I will be done and complaining about editing.

But we will see. And I will definitely let you know and keep you informed!!!!

Lets all just hope that it isn’t like Book 1 where I wrote numerous chapters and then got rid of them … that was awful! But it really was the smart thing to do in the end.

Anyway … I think I have babbled enough. I just wanted to let you all know that my release date might be pushed back by a few weeks … and I wanted to let you all know NOW … instead of giving a set release date and then realizing I can’t do it. That would just be downright cruel!

But like I said we will see, and I will keep all of you posted.  Most likely on Twitter, especially if I am writing!!!!! I tend to post a lot on Twitter when I am writing!

Okay sooooo I am going to go do more stuff around this house, and maybe, just MAYBE I can get some reading in tonight! I swear reading always gets me motivated to write. So who knows?

Hope all of you are well and enjoying the holidays!

And I hope more than anything you enjoyed or are enjoying Connor and Riley!