New title. 200 pages. Still writing. Book 3.


Hi Everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted last … but I have been busy! I have the first two hundred pages of Book 3 written so far, and let me tell you – it hasn’t been easy! Not even close! I’ve written, edited, re-edited, and re-edited some more! The first two hundred pages have been changed more than any other book I have written up to this point … and lets not forget … book 1 had whole chapters edited out of it from start to finish!

I ended up changing the whole core of my story … and with that … I also ended up changing the name of book 3. Book 3 will no longer be Loud Beauty … I loved that title, but it is no longer fitting of Allie and Aiden’s story. Their new book title will be Changed Beauty. It is so very fitting for them and where I am taking them as characters. Loud Beauty would be more so Ryan’s story and what I already have planned for him, and let me tell you, writing Aiden and Allie’s story is setting me up beautifully for writing the final book in this series. Even before I started book 3 I had plenty of material for the fourth book, but now … I am coming up with new stuff for that book almost daily! Probably because both book three and four are the most connected and because … well I can’t tell you now! Sorry! Can’t go giving the secrets of the books away!

So enough about book 4 for now!

Back to book 3!

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I have recently completed a very detailed outline for every single “Chapter” left in book 3… and I said it in my post – I don’t know whether to be excited or scared about that! I really still am unsure! I know what’s coming up in the book … and wow! My emotions were off the chart just planning certain things … I could only imagine what I am going to be feeling writing all of the scenes I have planned. I really need to prepare myself, which is why for the next few weeks I will be locking myself away in my writing room! Starting Monday I will be writing pretty much from start to finish … first thing in the morning to night, and then back at it the next day… I have to be if I am going to be meeting my deadlines! I’ve been a little on and off with this book so far, and I think a lot of it had to do with all the changes I made in between writing. I had to make the changes though … I knew things were off with the book, things weren’t making sense, my two characters weren’t as connected as I needed and wanted them to be … and ever since changing certain things I do think it’s much better, so I can’t wait to hit the ground running in a few more days.

Hopefully before you know it I can post that I am done, and that the hell of super-editing will commence! I can’t believe I am looking forward to that (editing really does suck), but I am because then that means that Allie and Aiden’s story will be complete!

Anyway, I don’t have much else to share with you right now … though I will say I am working on some teasers already for book 3! I have some things already written down that I think all of you will enjoy especially if you are Aiden fans … and speaking of fans – if any of you Connor fans out there are looking for more of him … Haha, you are in for a treat with book 3! He definitely makes his presence known … He has a way about him doesn’t he? Always making things about him! Always has something to say. Yes, he definitely is more than present in this book … as is Liam (yes, he definitely makes himself known too, especially because it’s Aiden’s book … and well Aiden and Sam sort of started everything off didn’t they? Even if book 1 wasn’t truly about them, Aiden had such a stranglehold on book 1 for the longest time!) and Sam and Riley and Elizabeth and Ryan!

So check out Twitter now and then to see some teasers … and on my Facebook page! I’ll be updating that periodically too when I get a chance … I know I have been slacking on there as well!

But I have been writing … so I think you guys will cut me a little slack! RIGHT???

Okay, okay … I am going now!

Hope all of you are well!

& seriously check me out on Twitter … and if you have any questions about anything email me, facebook message me, or tweet at me! I’d love to hear from you! Even if it’s about Connor and some of the things he does! Hahaha I NEVER get bored talking about him!

Until next time … Happy Reading!