11.11.19 Winter’s Release

11.11 is a day where I’ll be wishing for all the things. And a day that I already know at least one wish will most definitely come true. It’s the day that Winter will finally be released into the world!

It has been a long time coming. Nobody knows that better than me.

A little over two years ago I fell in LOVE with Jackson Raines. I’m hoping that in a few weeks you will too.

Jackson Raines was a character that was never supposed to exist. His book was never supposed to happen. I’ve said all of this a few times now – most recently in the Author’s Note I wrote in the back of Winter – but I am saying it again here. Because it’s important. I was done playing in the world of Liam and Samantha, Connor and Riley, Aiden and Allie, Ryan and Beth. I was done. Finished. Hell, I was done with writing series books altogether. It would never happen again. All the connections and details you had to remember and get right throughout all the books. The secondary characters that take over sometimes that have you wanting to push one story aside to write another because they were pulling at you. And in all different directions. All of it. I was done. Jax wasn’t happening. He and his friends weren’t going to be anything more than stories in my head. The spinoff book? No. The series? No. All the connections? The twists? The turns? The surprises? The upside-downs? The reappearances of all the characters that I love so much and that are a very real part of me? No. Just no. No Jax. No Sky. And definitely no Jenks, Livvie, Reed, Emma, Knox, or Rina. No new setting of Inked like Mollys or The Brew. No new first loves, second chances, broken-hearts or happily-ever-afters set in the same time and place as the characters I was finally ready to let go of. No. No. No. No. No.

But Jackson Raines said YES. And then I did too. Because I mean … Jackson Raines.

One day when I was trying to finish Ryan and Beth’s story, which is book four in the Beauty Series, I had a scene I was trying to work through so I could write the chapters after that one specific part. I needed Beth to go and complete one of the “firsts” on her list – so I could get to one of my favorite parts of the story. And I really, really wanted to write that part of the story. I just needed her to get her tattoo so I could move on. It was supposed to be a quick in and out. But then I was writing about Ryan knowing this character – he was a close friend, he knew Ryan since high-school so he knew things about him that he could tell Beth and tease Ryan, he was gorgeous and flirty which would mess with Ryan too as an added bonus – and I was writing and writing and before I knew it I was opening a new document and writing this sexy-as-sin, dimples-for-days, eyes-the-color-of-winters-chaos, rips-and-holes, blacks-and-grays, tattoos-and-piercings type character who completely stole my heart and mind. And the next few years of my life. Because along with him came a full story. And friends that would map out the next three books after. A freaking series.

A new series.

What started as me leaving my writing room because of some chaos going on around me and not being able to concentrate anymore … yeah … it turned into me not concentrating on Beth and Ryan for a while because I was concentrating on Jax. And who he was. Who he’d fall for. What her story would be. His friends. Who I could pair them up with. What were their stories. And all the surprise little connections between all the characters. Beauty Series and Seasons Series characters.

Within days it wasn’t just Jax’s story that was mapped out and set. It was all of them. 4 books. I had characters, plot-lines, and even scenes written for four books. A freaking series. And I couldn’t wait to dive in. Even though I said another series = NO.

But I did dive in.
And now Jax’s story is complete.
A little over two years later.

As I said … Within a day I had his whole story mapped out. Within the next few I had a whole series. I don’t know how it all happened. But I had a Jax and Sky, a Jenks and Livvie, a Reed and Emma, a Knox and Rina, and in some ways they all had ties to a character or a couple from the series I thought I was done with.

I had all these new stories, a new dynamic, and so many words that I wrote down in that first day and then the weeks, months and years (because it’s been two years already!) that followed – words that killed me and made me love love and always and forever all the more. In the moment when I had to leave my writing room I was beyond mad. And now I have a brand-new story to give all of you. Brand-new stories! And I am the happiest I’ve ever been with my writing. I LOVE Jax and Sky. But I also really, really, really love all these new characters (and old characters that are finally getting their stories like Jenks and Livvie). I am also REALLY loving the glimpses into the lives of the characters I was supposed to leave behind – seeing them in the future with their families and the new paths they’re on.

Winter has a few appearances by some of our favorites.
And Spring? Spring has even more!

And I would know because *surprise* I am more than a third of the way done with Spring! I have over 100 pages written – and so many notes and scenes piled up that will take me through the rest of the book.

And I would LOVE to tell you more about Spring right now – but this is supposed to be about Winter and it’s finally being done and released into the world … but maybe soon I’ll post an exclusive excerpt of the first chapter. And what a chapter. Like nothing I’ve ever written. Sort of like Winter.

I’m finding it that this whole new series is like nothing I’ve ever written and that’s a GREAT thing!

But for now, I’m going to leave you with … Winter comes out 11.11.19. Spring comes out Spring 2020. Teasers are on the front page of my website … click them in the slider to see them all in detail. An exclusive excerpt of Winter is on the excerpts page (Seasons Series). I’ve updated the FAQ and the FUN Facts and pretty much everything else on my page. Twitter and Instagram and FB are my go-to – especially Twitter … so check it out.

And also? I lied.

I’m going to post the exclusive excerpt of Spring over on that page now too.
SOOOOOOO enjoy that as well! (*It will be posted below the teaser for Winter because it might be slightly spoilerish – see what I wrote below*).

Once you read Winter it will give you a whole hell of a lot more context to what you’re reading in the Spring except (such as characters and a *surprise* or two even from that first chapter) … so you might want to wait until after Winter’s been read. Cause it is spoilerish!!! You’ve been warned!!!!!!!!!

So yeah.
I think that’s it.

I hope you pick up Winter and if you do, I hope you love Jax and Sky as much as I do … and I hope you love their friends and want to read their stories too!

Hopefully it won’t be a bazillion years before you can!

Anyway … that’s it from me for now.

Until next time!

Happy Reading Everyone!