435 pages … Some new Chaotic Beauty reveals … and more!

435 pages!


Before being reformatted for Kindle, Nook, and Print, Chaotic Beauty is 435 pages. I don’t know how it ended up being so long! Before I even started, I thought that there was no way that it would be as long as Unexpected Beauty, but then … here we are.

It doesn’t seem like it is that long though. While re-reading it a few times now, I can honestly say it doesn’t seem that long. There is so much that happens throughout the book … we have scenes that take place at college, in bars, we have a football night at someone’s (Sam and Liam’s) place, we have scenes at the Firehouse, we go back to The Brew, we have tons of different interactions with multiple people … it seems like things are constantly in motion … and that is something that I really love about this book!

I have so much that I want to share and it’s killing me that I can’t. If I did, it would ruin the entire book and there is no way I am doing that!! It really is a struggle though not to say certain things! So I need this to be published already, and I need you guys to read it, that way we can talk about it! But the way these days are flying, publication will be here soon! I am shooting to get it in your hands either November 24th, or December 1st. I will give you a definitive date as soon as I hit the publish button but it’s looking like it will be the 24th!

Anyway … my editing is completely done!  And thank God for that! I know I have said it before numerous times and I will say it again … Editing is the worst part of this whole process! But it is over with, book 2 has been sent in for its copyright, my cover is done … the only thing missing is the back cover’s “blurb.” I have a general idea of what I want the back cover to say … but how do I encompass everything that happens to Riley and Connor? How do I give hints and tease at what’s to come? Holy hell.

Seriously … I didn’t pull the title Chaotic Beauty out of thin air … it is unbelievably fitting of the story!

So this week I will be creating a description of my book … somehow … then that’s pretty much it!

Then the fun begins!

I get to create teasers that I will be posting on twitter & Facebook … so if you don’t follow me yet on either – especially Twitter, you should! I’ve already written down all the one liners, and in certain cases a few lines from the book that I will be using. Some are Riley’s words, some are Connor’s … some are by a few other characters describing what they are seeing … it should definitely be interesting!

Plus in the next few weeks I will be working on bits and pieces for book 3 in the series (I already have a few big things written so far) … so I am sure I will be back on here, and also twitter letting everyone know how that is going …

So stay tuned … because in the next few weeks a lot will be going on! And like I said … you should check me out on Twitter … because in the next week or two I will be revealing my cover for Chaotic Beauty  … a cover that I absolutely LOVE …

So until then, I hope all is well!

And seriously … I can’t wait to share all of this with you! & to finally talk about all of it!