Chaotic Beauty is Complete. Book 1 is on sale. Books 3 & 4 are being outlined … A cover reveal, an excerpt for Chaotic Beauty & more info


*** I don’t believe this post is TOO spoiler-ish if you have not completed book 1 … But just in case it is … I had to mention that there may be some little things revealed here and there …


SO IT’S TRUE!!  Book 2 is now complete. It is for the most part unedited, but it is definitely complete, coming in at a nice 395 pages including a sneak peek for my upcoming third book. I am sure that total will change during edits and formatting, but whether or not it goes up or down … who knows?

I really thought that book 2 would not be as lengthy as book one. I don’t know what I was thinking! But I can say this … I understand why it’s so lengthy & I am okay with it! This book has duel POV’s so we are going back and forth between Riley and Connor for the whole book – which I absolutely love. It gives it a better dynamic than book one, and I loved being in both of their minds, and taken on different journeys with them when they are doing their own things, or interacting amongst their friends. It was hard switching mind-frames and personalities – don’t get me wrong – but I ended up loving it! This book also has a lot of various different interactions with other characters that plays out in big scenes of the story. We have a bit of Sam and Liam popping up, as well as Aiden and Elizabeth, AND Ryan … and a few others as well. But instead of taking away from anything – they definitely ADD to. And it/they create a lot of interesting dialogue, and it does help set up the other books … though I must stress again that each one can be read as a standalone. So if you haven’t read Unexpected Beauty – though I hope you have and if you haven’t I hope you will – you do not need to in order to read Chaotic Beauty. Though Riley and Connor meet in Book 1, I do give a brief recap of their meeting and details about that night in Book 2 so you won’t be lost. So all should be well with that!

I am impatiently waiting to dive into edits, but I made a promise to myself that once I was done with Book 2 I would give myself at least 2 weeks of mental rest before jumping back in, unlike what I did for the first one. Well … I am currently starting week two today, and let me tell you it is hard. I want to go back and re-read Chaotic Beauty! I want to laugh at, and with, all of them. I want to fall in love with not just Riley and Connor but also a few others as well, and again for some of them. I want to hammer out Aiden a little bit more too … because his book is next. And let me tell you … his book is a doozy!

Which brings me to outlining Book Three … which for now is titled Loud Beauty. This book is going to be a hard one, though I do believe I said at one other point … but it  probably won’t be as hard to write as Ryan’s story. And that still holds true. For now anyway. I still haven’t figured out Ryan – even though I absolutely love him. For as much as Ryan’s trying to beat his way out of my head and onto my pages, I know HE has to be the last book. He needs time to mature some more, and he also needs to wait until a certain person (who will definitely knock him on his behind and steal his heart away before he can even blink) grows up a bit too J  … BUT back to Aiden. Aiden is someone we met semi-briefly in Book 1, and as readers I believe you mainly thought about him one way because of Sam. My favorite reader in the whole wide world hated him. She told me over and over that she couldn’t stand him for causing all the drama in Sam’s head and heart which caused all the problems for her and Liam … UNTIL Aiden came back and we find out why he left. No, it wasn’t a great way that he left, and it sucked what he did, and all that … but we can understand it … in a way … at least I could. So we have pieces of him from then, and we learn more in Book 2 … from him and Elizabeth, and especially in his sneak peek at the end of Chaotic Beauty … but even having written those scenes for him during the sneak peek … I still need to hammer him out some. I KNOW what he’s looking for in a woman, I know what he wants, but I as the author believe that I KNOW what he needs … I just need to figure it all out and have it come together. Because who I am pairing him with … she has her own family drama. Her own heartbreak. Her own needs to be met. Her own wants. Her own dreams and fears. They both have suffered, they both live in a very real place where bad things do happen … not just in your mind, or to other people, but to them. To those they love. I can tell you without a doubt that this is going to be a completely different book from both 1 and 2 … and I definitely need to be in the right type of mind for it. It’s darker, it’s edgier, it’s more real for lack of a better word right now, but I need to figure out my characters a little more first. Not even I have a true, complete, handle on them yet … and that’s saying something. So Aiden is still a semi-mystery even to me … but I will figure him out by the time I start writing him. But that probably won’t be until January. But we will see about that because the way I am loving book 2 and the way ideas are floating around in my head I might move my timeline on Aiden way up. I will definitely keep you posted on when I actually dive into that one. Something tells me though, that even if I start writing early, it’s going to take me longer to write based upon the content.

So that pretty much covers most of that for now I think. Book 2 is done and waiting for edits. Book 3 is definitely playing around in my mind especially at 2 & 3 in the morning when all I want to do is sleep. Book 4 is definitely playing around in there too, because they are the most connected out of the whole series … and you will understand more about that later on in the next few months as I reveal more details … sorry about the teaser there … I don’t want to give too much away! I know I am awful for doing that.

Anyway … I can tell you that we are currently trying to hammer down a cover for Book 2 which is ALMOST done … AND when it is done it will definitely be revealed on Twitter before the release of the book … so definitely try and keep up/check out my Twitter account … I am in love with this book cover!!! Unlike Unexpected Beauty which does capture a little bit of Liam’s character with the suit and everything and the prettiness that I think captures Sam … it wasn’t completely them. I loved that cover too, don’t get me wrong … But for Chaotic beauty … this cover is just them … Them in a few certain situations … and as you read the story, you will definitely understand … J

And with those reveals, I am going back to reading before I give even more away! But it’s no hardship for me to go back to reading! Like I said, one more week until edits begin, so I am doing the one thing I love besides writing … reading! There are some AMAZING books I have not read in months because of writing these two books, so I am finally catching up! I set a goal for myself for this year to read at least 100 books … well I am currently almost finished with reading book #73 … I don’t think that is too bad considering I have written TWO of my own books while reading all of that, and writing TWO four hundred page books at that! I hope in these next few days to add to my total. I really plan on meeting all my goals I set for myself this year.

Even if I don’t though … I met one of my LIFE goals. To write a book, publish it, and have at least one person I don’t know buy it. J I accomplished that. And then some. I really did have an amazing year and it’s not even close to being done yet. How great is that!

Alright now … that is definitely enough from me! Hope all is well with all of you … and I really hope you are looking forward to reading Chaotic Beauty when it comes out! I am soooooo incredibly eager for you to read it. I know it’s only my second book, but this is my favorite! I love everything about it … the characters, the pace, the interactions, the overall dynamic, the suspense, the drama … and I promise you … I only cried a few times while writing certain things, but I definitely blushed a lot more than that and laughed out loud even more! Ha-ha! Okay so I will definitely keep you posted on a release date – shooting for the end of November … so be ready!

*** I also added an excerpt in the excerpt tabs for Chaotic Beauty … so enjoy! It will definitely not be my last teaser for this story! Plenty more to come!