Endings & Beginnings

End of a series. New beginnings.

Editing Unbreakable Beauty was extremely hard for me. Not because of what was written. But because it is the final book in the series. I knew that when I was fully done – with the edits, with tweaking the cover and the back description, with acknowledging those who have helped me so much along with way, with fine-tuning every single aspect of the book cover to cover – that’d be it. Not only would I be done with Ryan and Beth’s story, I’d be done with Samantha and Liam, Connor and Riley, Aiden and Allie. And knowing that, it was hard. Before, I always knew that I would be writing for them again. I knew that we’d always have each of the characters throughout the remainder of the series … and now?

Now I need to let them go.

And man … Thinking about how I ended things with all of them … I feel like I could explore these characters forever. Even now I am thinking about Liam and his dimples and how they still affect Sam. How she still blushes. I am thinking about all the funny, bickering dialogue I could create for Riley and Connor, because it’s just so completely Riley and Connor. And Aiden and Allie? I want to create so much more happy for them. They deserve all the happy. I want so many more moments for all of them. And Ryan and Beth? More than any of my other couples, I want to see where they’re at in ten years, twenty. We all know they are getting their happily-ever-after … But I want to be taken on the ride.

But it will have to be enough for me to know that they will all get there. I say it in all my stories. Always. Forever. All the in-betweens. Of which there will be ups and downs, dips and turns, bit it’s life. And that’s all each of them wanted. They wanted to live life, love, laugh. Experience. And they will. They are. And they’ll be together throughout all of it. Forever. Always.

So I am content with that.

In my Author’s Note at the back of Unbreakable Beauty I talk about Ryan and Beth and their story. I wrote, “It’s my favorite [book]. I love Ryan and Beth together. I love their story. From the beginning of it in Chaotic Beauty, until now. They gave me a ton of laughter, some tears, they gave me very heated cheeks and a few wicked smiles, they gave me closure … and they also opened a door. They gave me Jackson Raines.”

Which leads us to the new beginnings.

In the last blog post I talked about writing a character in Unbreakable. He came out of nowhere. He was never supposed to be a character that had dialogue. He was never supposed to be interesting. He was never supposed to capture my attention so completely that I not only mapped out his whole entire story, but a whole series. I’m talking four books are already outlined – beginning, middle, and end. I have chapters already written for Jax’s story. I have chapters written for the others.

I have A LOT going on.

A lot that I am excited about.

I cannot wait to share what has been going on over here with this new series. And there is a lot to tell you.

But in a few weeks.

After I reveal my cover for Unbreakable. After a few weeks of getting Unbreakable out there in the world a bit more than I have been because I’ve been so busy writing, editing, living life.

Trust me though … I cannot wait to unleash Jax, Reed, Knox, Jenks, Sky, Livvie, Rina, and Emma on you. These characters … and their stories …

I am not going to say any more.

Not yet.

But this is a special time for me.

The closing of one chapter, the beginning of another. It just so happens that the closing of one chapter ended with the words “The End” (the end of those characters, the end to that series) and the other starts a whole new book. A whole new series. A whole new everything.

It’s starting to finally hit me; what I’ve accomplished, what I have, what I gained, what I have to “let go” and put on a shelf, or keep in my mind.

Sometimes I like to describe as my books having *all the feels* or my characters going through all of them … well … that’s me right now.

I am happy that Ryan and Beth are Ryan and Beth. I am happy with this whole series. And I am also happy getting down to business on the new one.

So that’s what I am going to do.

I am going to go and write.

And hopefully it’s not months again before I check in and let you all know what’s been going on.

Actually I know it won’t be … because I have a lot more fun things coming up with regards to Ryan and Beth … I have teasers … I have the beginning of their book that I am going to be posting … so there is still more… And like I said … soon I will be posting about the new series. And also a teaser from that as well. Most likely the whole first chapter!

So keep checking back!

These next few weeks and months will have a lot of info about the new series and a lot of exclusive sneak peeks!

Until next time! Happy Reading!