(& Jenks & Livvie, Reed & Emma, Knox & Rina)

***Also an exclusive sneak peak of Chapter One of Jax & Sky’s story, Winter (Book One of the Seasons Series) over in the Excerpt Page***

I did say it wouldn’t take me months to write my next blog post … and yet it’s been months.

Many, many, many months.

I would love to say that’s because I’ve been busy writing Jax and Sky’s story – and I do have about a quarter of their story written – but it’s me. I don’t know what my problem is.

I am so excited and in love with the story I have in my head for Jax and Sky. And also for Jenks and Livvie, Reed and Emma, Knox and Rina. I can still remember the dance I did around the house when these characters came out of nowhere – where their beginnings, middles, and ends became so clear, one thoughts after another, idea after idea, when all the twists and turns and the surprise connections just screamed at me … I remember laughing like a loon and having a smile on my face for the whole day. Because that’s when it happened. In one day. Jax and Sky immediately had their story mapped out in my head. And then over the next few days I thought about the first chapter I wrote of their story right in the middle of finishing my final book in the Beauty Series – and then bam! I had the next book, and the next, and the next.

And just thinking of what I thought then, and all the thoughts I’ve had after (all the one-liners, the back and forth dialogue, the chapters I have written, the outlines, the connections – all of it) I still have a smile … and I could probably run around like a loon for hours.

But I’m not going to.

Because there is another side to all of this as well.

Getting all these ideas, all these stories out of my head and into a book … it’s HARD.


I didn’t have this problem with Unexpected Beauty, Chaotic Beauty, Changed Beauty, or Unbreakable Beauty. I might have thought I did. But I didn’t.

Not even close.

It’s like I am almost afraid to write their story completely because I am afraid the magic of them in my head won’t transcend to what I write down on paper. Does that even make sense?

This story I have planned out for them – for ALL of them – I am doubting I can even do them justice. And they’re my characters. My people. My creation.

I think THAT’S my problem.

I am doubting.

And I shouldn’t be.

I should have this amazing confidence to tell this story – these stories.

It’s not like I’ve never written before.

This will be my fifth book I am putting into publication.

It’s not my first series.

It is not even the millionth or billionth story I have created in my head in the last 34 years of living. (Seriously, the stories I have created throughout the years … That number reference definitely might not be a joke!)

It’s not my first time having doubts, fears, all of the emotions I am feeling right now.

But I am doubting everything.

Every. Single. Thing.

Maybe it’s because it’s the first time I am writing a story like the one I have mapped out in my head?

Maybe it’s because these characters are so different than Liam and Sam, Riley and Connor, Allie and Aiden, Beth and Ryan. Maybe it’s because I am completely starting over with nothing to rely on except myself and my brain and my heart and soul that breathes for this and I don’t want to crush any of it because all of this means the world.

Too much?


But it’s still there.

Some serious pressure and stuff.

And it is one hundred percent all coming from me.

And it sucks.

I don’t want to get it wrong.

Because I feel like this book – and the next three after it – can be amazing.


I want to be able to say they WILL be amazing.

They ARE amazing.

I want and need to say that, because these characters, their love stories, they are amazing … and I want you, the readers, to feel that way right along with me.

You deserve the story that is in my head, my heart, my freaking soul.

You deserve to read that story, to be a part of it, to live it. And hopefully love it!

And my characters deserve it to.

I deserve it.

So, OBVIOUSLY, this book is taking me a lot longer to write than I imagined. A lot longer than any of my previous books. I had hoped that it would be out living and breathing in the world by late Spring, early Summer … and now … I will just be happy if I have the first draft done by then. Because then comes the edits, edits, and more edits. So a an approximate date? I’m not sure.



Late Summer? MIRACLE????

But I DO have a cover … there is THAT.

I have a Jax and a Sky.

I have a Jenks and a Livvie.

I have a Reed and an Emma.

I have a Knox and a Rina/Cat.

And I also have tons of material for ALL the books. That’s something. Because when I finally get everything together – mostly myself – I am hoping that it just flows like it normally does.

But for right now, with tears in my eyes (seriously … stupid freaking tears), I need to say that I am sorry.

Sorry for delaying this book.

Sorry for taking so long writing it.

Sorry for all this doubt shit.

Sorry for rambling on and on and on and on and on and on …

But I need Jax and Sky’s story to be the BEST that it can be. And I need you all to KNOW that.

Like I said … YOU deserve it, I deserve it, JAX, SKY, JENKS, LIVVIE, REED, EMMA, KNOX, & RINA deserve it.

I will try and keep you posted a lot more than I have about this book and how it’s going. More than I ever have for any of the other books. Because you definitely deserve that.

And starting now, like I said above before I went and on and on and on and on, I am releasing the first chapter of Jax and Sky’s story.  And unlike the other books where I waited until I was almost done or completely done with writing before I started releasing teasers, I am going to start doing that now as well. A little something for bearing with me through all of this. A little something to show you that Jax and Sky are worth that wait … AND MAYBE I will throw in some teasers of the other couples and their books as well. Because like I said … I have a LOT of material for all of the rest of the books as well.

I am so thankful for you guys and the love you have shown me and my books.

I hope you continue to do so with this next series.

Seriously … these characters and their stories – they are SO worth it.

And I hope more than anything that you’ll be finding out for yourselves soon.

Until then enjoy the sneak peek of Jax and Sky’s story … and keep checking back or around (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) for all the new teasers I will be releasing soon!

Happy Reading Everyone!