435 pages … Some new Chaotic Beauty reveals … and more!

435 pages!


Before being reformatted for Kindle, Nook, and Print, Chaotic Beauty is 435 pages. I don’t know how it ended up being so long! Before I even started, I thought that there was no way that it would be as long as Unexpected Beauty, but then … here we are.

It doesn’t seem like it is that long though. While re-reading it a few times now, I can honestly say it doesn’t seem that long. There is so much that happens throughout the book … we have scenes that take place at college, in bars, we have a football night at someone’s (Sam and Liam’s) place, we have scenes at the Firehouse, we go back to The Brew, we have tons of different interactions with multiple people … it seems like things are constantly in motion … and that is something that I really love about this book!

I have so much that I want to share and it’s killing me that I can’t. If I did, it would ruin the entire book and there is no way I am doing that!! It really is a struggle though not to say certain things! So I need this to be published already, and I need you guys to read it, that way we can talk about it! But the way these days are flying, publication will be here soon! I am shooting to get it in your hands either November 24th, or December 1st. I will give you a definitive date as soon as I hit the publish button but it’s looking like it will be the 24th!

Anyway … my editing is completely done!  And thank God for that! I know I have said it before numerous times and I will say it again … Editing is the worst part of this whole process! But it is over with, book 2 has been sent in for its copyright, my cover is done … the only thing missing is the back cover’s “blurb.” I have a general idea of what I want the back cover to say … but how do I encompass everything that happens to Riley and Connor? How do I give hints and tease at what’s to come? Holy hell.

Seriously … I didn’t pull the title Chaotic Beauty out of thin air … it is unbelievably fitting of the story!

So this week I will be creating a description of my book … somehow … then that’s pretty much it!

Then the fun begins!

I get to create teasers that I will be posting on twitter & Facebook … so if you don’t follow me yet on either – especially Twitter, you should! I’ve already written down all the one liners, and in certain cases a few lines from the book that I will be using. Some are Riley’s words, some are Connor’s … some are by a few other characters describing what they are seeing … it should definitely be interesting!

Plus in the next few weeks I will be working on bits and pieces for book 3 in the series (I already have a few big things written so far) … so I am sure I will be back on here, and also twitter letting everyone know how that is going …

So stay tuned … because in the next few weeks a lot will be going on! And like I said … you should check me out on Twitter … because in the next week or two I will be revealing my cover for Chaotic Beauty  … a cover that I absolutely LOVE …

So until then, I hope all is well!

And seriously … I can’t wait to share all of this with you! & to finally talk about all of it!


Chaotic Beauty is Complete. Book 1 is on sale. Books 3 & 4 are being outlined … A cover reveal, an excerpt for Chaotic Beauty & more info


*** I don’t believe this post is TOO spoiler-ish if you have not completed book 1 … But just in case it is … I had to mention that there may be some little things revealed here and there …


SO IT’S TRUE!!  Book 2 is now complete. It is for the most part unedited, but it is definitely complete, coming in at a nice 395 pages including a sneak peek for my upcoming third book. I am sure that total will change during edits and formatting, but whether or not it goes up or down … who knows?

I really thought that book 2 would not be as lengthy as book one. I don’t know what I was thinking! But I can say this … I understand why it’s so lengthy & I am okay with it! This book has duel POV’s so we are going back and forth between Riley and Connor for the whole book – which I absolutely love. It gives it a better dynamic than book one, and I loved being in both of their minds, and taken on different journeys with them when they are doing their own things, or interacting amongst their friends. It was hard switching mind-frames and personalities – don’t get me wrong – but I ended up loving it! This book also has a lot of various different interactions with other characters that plays out in big scenes of the story. We have a bit of Sam and Liam popping up, as well as Aiden and Elizabeth, AND Ryan … and a few others as well. But instead of taking away from anything – they definitely ADD to. And it/they create a lot of interesting dialogue, and it does help set up the other books … though I must stress again that each one can be read as a standalone. So if you haven’t read Unexpected Beauty – though I hope you have and if you haven’t I hope you will – you do not need to in order to read Chaotic Beauty. Though Riley and Connor meet in Book 1, I do give a brief recap of their meeting and details about that night in Book 2 so you won’t be lost. So all should be well with that!

I am impatiently waiting to dive into edits, but I made a promise to myself that once I was done with Book 2 I would give myself at least 2 weeks of mental rest before jumping back in, unlike what I did for the first one. Well … I am currently starting week two today, and let me tell you it is hard. I want to go back and re-read Chaotic Beauty! I want to laugh at, and with, all of them. I want to fall in love with not just Riley and Connor but also a few others as well, and again for some of them. I want to hammer out Aiden a little bit more too … because his book is next. And let me tell you … his book is a doozy!

Which brings me to outlining Book Three … which for now is titled Loud Beauty. This book is going to be a hard one, though I do believe I said at one other point … but it  probably won’t be as hard to write as Ryan’s story. And that still holds true. For now anyway. I still haven’t figured out Ryan – even though I absolutely love him. For as much as Ryan’s trying to beat his way out of my head and onto my pages, I know HE has to be the last book. He needs time to mature some more, and he also needs to wait until a certain person (who will definitely knock him on his behind and steal his heart away before he can even blink) grows up a bit too J  … BUT back to Aiden. Aiden is someone we met semi-briefly in Book 1, and as readers I believe you mainly thought about him one way because of Sam. My favorite reader in the whole wide world hated him. She told me over and over that she couldn’t stand him for causing all the drama in Sam’s head and heart which caused all the problems for her and Liam … UNTIL Aiden came back and we find out why he left. No, it wasn’t a great way that he left, and it sucked what he did, and all that … but we can understand it … in a way … at least I could. So we have pieces of him from then, and we learn more in Book 2 … from him and Elizabeth, and especially in his sneak peek at the end of Chaotic Beauty … but even having written those scenes for him during the sneak peek … I still need to hammer him out some. I KNOW what he’s looking for in a woman, I know what he wants, but I as the author believe that I KNOW what he needs … I just need to figure it all out and have it come together. Because who I am pairing him with … she has her own family drama. Her own heartbreak. Her own needs to be met. Her own wants. Her own dreams and fears. They both have suffered, they both live in a very real place where bad things do happen … not just in your mind, or to other people, but to them. To those they love. I can tell you without a doubt that this is going to be a completely different book from both 1 and 2 … and I definitely need to be in the right type of mind for it. It’s darker, it’s edgier, it’s more real for lack of a better word right now, but I need to figure out my characters a little more first. Not even I have a true, complete, handle on them yet … and that’s saying something. So Aiden is still a semi-mystery even to me … but I will figure him out by the time I start writing him. But that probably won’t be until January. But we will see about that because the way I am loving book 2 and the way ideas are floating around in my head I might move my timeline on Aiden way up. I will definitely keep you posted on when I actually dive into that one. Something tells me though, that even if I start writing early, it’s going to take me longer to write based upon the content.

So that pretty much covers most of that for now I think. Book 2 is done and waiting for edits. Book 3 is definitely playing around in my mind especially at 2 & 3 in the morning when all I want to do is sleep. Book 4 is definitely playing around in there too, because they are the most connected out of the whole series … and you will understand more about that later on in the next few months as I reveal more details … sorry about the teaser there … I don’t want to give too much away! I know I am awful for doing that.

Anyway … I can tell you that we are currently trying to hammer down a cover for Book 2 which is ALMOST done … AND when it is done it will definitely be revealed on Twitter before the release of the book … so definitely try and keep up/check out my Twitter account … I am in love with this book cover!!! Unlike Unexpected Beauty which does capture a little bit of Liam’s character with the suit and everything and the prettiness that I think captures Sam … it wasn’t completely them. I loved that cover too, don’t get me wrong … But for Chaotic beauty … this cover is just them … Them in a few certain situations … and as you read the story, you will definitely understand … J

And with those reveals, I am going back to reading before I give even more away! But it’s no hardship for me to go back to reading! Like I said, one more week until edits begin, so I am doing the one thing I love besides writing … reading! There are some AMAZING books I have not read in months because of writing these two books, so I am finally catching up! I set a goal for myself for this year to read at least 100 books … well I am currently almost finished with reading book #73 … I don’t think that is too bad considering I have written TWO of my own books while reading all of that, and writing TWO four hundred page books at that! I hope in these next few days to add to my total. I really plan on meeting all my goals I set for myself this year.

Even if I don’t though … I met one of my LIFE goals. To write a book, publish it, and have at least one person I don’t know buy it. J I accomplished that. And then some. I really did have an amazing year and it’s not even close to being done yet. How great is that!

Alright now … that is definitely enough from me! Hope all is well with all of you … and I really hope you are looking forward to reading Chaotic Beauty when it comes out! I am soooooo incredibly eager for you to read it. I know it’s only my second book, but this is my favorite! I love everything about it … the characters, the pace, the interactions, the overall dynamic, the suspense, the drama … and I promise you … I only cried a few times while writing certain things, but I definitely blushed a lot more than that and laughed out loud even more! Ha-ha! Okay so I will definitely keep you posted on a release date – shooting for the end of November … so be ready!

*** I also added an excerpt in the excerpt tabs for Chaotic Beauty … so enjoy! It will definitely not be my last teaser for this story! Plenty more to come!



Halfway Through Chaotic Beauty …


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here, but that’s actually a good thing. It’s because I have been busy writing Connor and Riley’s story! And what a story they have. I am absolutely in love with writing their book.

For this book I get to explore both Connor and Riley in a lot of different situations, but I also get to explore a few other characters as well. The dynamics of this group of friends and family … I really hope that you all continue on with this series because I have to tell you – the best is yet to come.

I am a bit more than halfway through writing Connor and Riley’s story. And with that also comes a pretty good foundation outline for both Aiden and Ryan’s stories as well. The stories that those two have to tell … It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be difficult. But it’s going to be so worth it. I just know it. It’s nothing like what Sam went through with her thoughts and feelings about her past with Aiden. Of being worried that Liam would hurt her and leave. About not trusting.

It’s nothing like what Riley’s was/is going through either. Or what Connor went/is going through.

Aiden and Ryan … their hurts run deep on a physical level, on an emotion level – things really have happened to them to make them who they are … and the women they end up with … they too have deep, deep scars – they all either have physical things, sad things, dirty things, long lingering things that have happened to them …
Where Sam and Liam were on the light side of drama and  hurts – I know without a doubt that Aiden’s and Ryan’s stories are much darker. Ryan’s story **** is definitely the darkest.
But I really don’t want to give anything away so I am going to stop now.

Anyway …

So yeah, I am a bit more than halfway through writing Chaotic Beauty and wow am I going crazy.

I’ve shed tears already on numerous occasions, I’ve been mad, disappointed, and downright confused at/with both Connor and Riley AND myself …
I’ve second guessed myself a million times … I’ve deleted whole scenes and even “chapters” … I’ve cut and changed things that made me frustrated and mad with myself but I knew I had to do it …

I’ve pretty much gone back to either being a raving b*tch who doesn’t want to be bothered, talked to, or distracted,  or a silent loner who closes herself off so nobody has the option to make me the raving b*tch… That’s honestly what you get with/from me when I write.

I’ve closed myself off for hours and hours on end and it’s been like this for a few weeks now …
It’s awful.

And when I have to come out of my writing cave when I don’t want to … Oh, man it’s not a pretty thing.

I really haven’t been able to balance myself yet between both worlds. I really haven’t.

And if that wasn’t bad enough I have a lot of personal stuff going on right now that I actually DO have to pay attention to – so I am constantly being pulled out of my writing bubble when I don’t want to be … Yes, definitely not good.

Everything lately feels like it’s in disarray – and I hate it.

But I am muddling through it.

I guess welcome to the life of a writer?

And speaking some more of writing I have to get back to it.
I need to keep pace with my target of having this book out into your hands and mine by late November. But I will try and keep you better posted on it! If you follow me on Twitter you will probably know before anyone else what is going on because it seems that’s the only thing besides reading and writing I am able to keep up with lately! Go figure!

But anyway I’m out of here.

Check back soon for more info!

The absolute joys and the frustrating dilemmas of releasing Book 1, and writing Book 2!!!!!!

These past few weeks have been crazy with releasing the book and ironing out things that still needed ironing out! I can’t believe how many issues have popped up even after this book has been released! It seems like every day there is something new. My new favorite issue is Barnes and Noble’s paperback copy of my book … which has a completely different cover, by a completely different author. Needless to say, a call was immediately placed to get the situation under control … but we were informed that it could take days. DAYS! Another joyful day of being the self-published author over here!

But that’s the small stuff I guess. My book is still out. It’s being read. And good or bad I am continuing on my journey with book 2 as promised. On the bright side I guess I can at least say that I know now what to do when releasing book 2 … fingers crossed that I don’t need to add to my ever-growing list of things that I need to know for next time…

However, that brings me to my other dilemma of the day – Connor and Riley – or more specifically, Riley!!!!!

Over the past few months Connor has had such a strong presence in my head so I’ve known for a while exactly who he is. I’ve only really touched upon Riley. When I wrote the sneak peek for Chaotic Beauty a few months ago, I thought I had a basis for who Riley was/is. It wasn’t until these past two weeks when I’ve been creating scenes and happenings for Riley and Connor (and a few others) that I realized I was WRONG about who Riley is.

When I write I need to have an outline … it’s basic but I need to know my start and end points and a few things that happen along the way. Of course I know it will change – it completely changed for Unexpected Beauty – but some things (like whole scenes and even chapters that I wrote out on paper weeks and sometimes months in advance) didn’t.  During this past week especially, I found myself up at 3 and 4 in the morning creating things for Connor and Riley that I know I will NOT be changing in the future when I get to these specific things. Tweaking and hammering out things a little better – sure – but changing it – NO. But that leaves me in such a sucky position because the Riley I am in love with now, is not the same Riley from the sneak peek in Unexpected Beauty. She’s not exactly the foul-mouthed person that we meet in the beginning of Connor and Riley’s story.

I will admit that even before I released book 1 I struggled with the editing of a certain part that she has in her dialogue with Aiden … but each time I wanted to run my red sharpie through it, or hit the backspace button and just create something new, I found myself laughing at what she said and just thinking … it’s a real-life moment (we’ve probably all had times when we have stumbled along saying something and words don’t come out right and you catch it too late but pray nobody else catches it and when they do, you don’t know what to say and more embarrassment and stumbling ensues … and then WHAM, you’re buried deep and saying way too much of things best not discussed) … so I left it.  BUT NOW, knowing what I know as the writer … certain characteristics that I gave Riley before don’t mesh well… like her bad-mouth and some of the things she says. SOOOO chances are, I will be going back to the beginning of Chaotic Beauty and changing a few details about Riley around … I NEED to. Riley this week is so much better than Riley from a few weeks ago … trust me!

I must say that writing book 2 is a lot more fun … and also a lot harder. Duel POV is no joke! I am still madly in love with Connor, but I must say, I am really loving Riley just as much, and I don’t think I would have if I didn’t write the book this way. I learned my lesson from book 1, and not being able to truly explore Liam’s character with the readers (of COURSE I knew who Liam was, what he was thinking, feeling, doing at times, why he felt certain ways and did certain things etc., but others didn’t and it was hard!!!) so I knew that duel POV’s was the way to go, and I am really pleased that I made that decision. Some of the scenes in the middle and towards the end that I’ve written for book 2 … Jesus … I am so happy I went with exploring and being in the minds of both Connor and Riley! It really is a chaotic mess … a chaotic BEAUTIFUL mess!

And speaking of that, I guess I actually need to get back to plotting, and outlining, and planning, and all that stuff… and then typing so you can actually read it on time! Ha-Ha. So until next time … happy reading!  xoxo

A little bit about me, my book, and upcoming releases

So, Unexpected Beauty is finally done! My first book is complete and it’s about to be released and for as excited as I am, I am also completely terrified! People I don’t know will be reading it and judging it – and I know that’s the point … the more people the better, right? – but it’s scary! What will everyone think, say, expect? Will they hate it or will they want more? Will the love Samantha and Liam as much as I do? Will they want to know more about Connor and Riley? Will they want to know more about Aiden and what happened to him and his sister Lizzy?

I have so many questions, and I know for a while I won’t have any answers, and I also know that I may not like the answers I get. I just keep thinking and will continue to always think that no matter what happens Sam and Liam were worth it, Connor and Riley are worth it, Aiden and ***** is worth it and so are hopefully Ryan and *****.  I know who I want Aiden and Ryan paired up with, but we will see.  I know I said no matter what happens I will write Connor and Aiden a book and publish it – but I must say, I think I need to write Ryan one as well. Putting Ryan in Unexpected Beauty was no mistake … or maybe it was – because as I am writing Connor’s now, we do see more of Ryan and even though Aiden will be after Connor, I cannot wait to dive into Ryan. Talk about a very, very, layered man. Like I said, I know who I want them paired up with … but we will see how things develop throughout the rest of Chaotic Beauty.

Anyway, so like I said before the first book is finally done, and what a journey it was to get to the end! I started this book last year, but I didn’t stick with it. I wrote about five consecutive chapters in a small handful of days, and let it sit there. Something for me about chapter 5 didn’t seem right. Plus during my initial chapters it seemed like too much information, but I loved the first chapter, and I knew I needed that information because I had a general idea of where I was heading … it was all overwhelming and confusing, so I left it on my computer, and went to read. My thing to do is read whenever I am bored, happy, sad, confused …well it’s my thing for everything! And I kept on reading, and reading, and let my book sit for months.

It wasn’t until I shared my book with someone else and she told me I should continue to write more, that she wanted to read more, that I started to write more. After I completely butchered apart chapter five, I was able to read from the beginning and continue writing again. That was at the end of March. I was done by the beginning of May. From re-writing chapter 5 through the end and the beginning pages of Connor and Riley’s stories it only took a little more than month – and a few of those days I was in Florida for my brother’s wedding – so I guess it was written in multiple states as well! I don’t know how I did that, but the characters just spoke to me. It went from months of it just sitting on my computer, to starting every morning at the crack of dawn, to finishing after midnight, to running out of the shower when I had a specific idea and scene in my head, to living in the land of stickys when I had an idea and I scribbled it down, or a receipt, or my phones notepad … I had ideas everywhere! That wasn’t it though. The book was finished, and I was excited … for about two seconds. How did I not know that that was not the hard part?!?! HOW?!! The editing, the editing was cruel. Absolutely unbelievably cruel! I printed out all my pages … all close to 400 of them at the time, and I read through it page by page AGAIN. I say AGAIN because I am a sucker for making sure things are right – or as right as they can be. It must be the English teacher in me, or the avid read, I don’t know, but as each chapter was complete, I read it, and re-read it before moving on. So then I was doing it again. Jesus!

When I was done with the 400+ pages, I was scared. My book didn’t even look like my book anymore. I had red lines going through whole paragraphs, I had notes written in margins, I had a name change, I had a NEW book name by the time I was done … it was scary! But the book was so much better for it. It was so much better that I had changes on every single page. It just meant that I knew my book could be better and would be better. So I made my changes – that took me about two weeks to muddle through … I mean I already read the book over by then while writing … and I wrote it! I knew what was supposed to be on the page so I probably could have flown through it, but then it would have been me flying through it and seeing what I wanted to see, not actually making it better!

After all those changes were complete, I looked at it again! This time it was worse because I did it numerous times already, but I still found even more changes. I didn’t like the flow of chapter 20 and 21. I seriously wrote Connor as Conner a few times, I had a few asses instead of as, I just didn’t understand! But I went through it again! And a few select chapters again and again.  I was finally done though … but then came the other “fun” parts … the cover, uploading it to the distributors, all that awesomely lovely stuff. Thank God I didn’t have to do that because I don’t know WHAT I would have done!

It really was a process and a journey, but it was worth it. All the crazy was worth it! I fulfilled my dream of writing a book. With that dream though, comes others. It’s my dream to now finish Connor and Riley; to write and finish Aiden’s much deserved story; to try and write Ryan’s. Those are my current dreams now. I have others too … so I need to find the balance. I think I am more than capable though! So I will say I plan on really delving more into Connor over the next few months … I really want to sit back for a bit (not too long) and just appreciate what the hell I just did. And I want to make sure that I write Connor the best I can. I want his and Riley’s story to be even better than Sam and Liam’s and (fingers crossed ) I think it will be because they already have a foundation going in. They already know a few sides to one another, as do we.

It is my hope that Connor will be out in the fall – probably late fall. And hopefully Aiden and Ryan not too far behind! I know what it’s like as a reader to want to read the next in a series… trust me! I LOVE to read… I LOVE it! So trust me, I know.  I will try my best to go as quick as I can, but I also want the story to be the best IT can. I won’t rush that! But I will keep you all posted on where I am at, and what I think is happening with it all.

For right now, I will be taking a few days and catch-up on all the reading I’ve missed while writing … then once the book is released, I will probably get back into the swing of things with Connor … I need a clear head and a different mind-frame for Connor AND Riley.  They are definitely no Liam and Sam.

Anyway – I’m going to go get reading now so I can get back to writing in a few … hopefully you all stick with me… and check back from time to time! I plan on posting more about Connor and Riley and the other books … I plan on doing a lot around here actually! & you can always come and follow me on Twitter … I am normally on there more often than not!

So until next time… Happy Reading! Xo – T.